Here we go

To do:

  • Start a blog

I’d be lying if I said the above hasn’t been on my to do list for years. It hasn’t helped that time I’ve used the excuse that I can’t start without a witty blog name (that’s still in progress).

So why am I starting a blog? Back in 2017, a senior journalist gave me some advice: write for yourself. At the time, I didn’t get it. I was a journalist just starting out and my priority was writing for other publications to try and get my name out there. The idea of writing a blog that no one would read sounded pretty pointless.

Fast forward 4 years, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to write. Don’t get me wrong, I can bang out a decent LinkedIn caption (yes I got paid to do that) but after working various social media roles the prospect of writing anything longer than 4 lines is daunting.

After leaving my most recent role due to burn out I’ve decided it’s time to start writing for myself.

A career book I’m working through said that it’s easier to write about something you dislike than something you actually like. So I’m seeing this blog as a challenge. Whereby every week, I’m going to write about a topic I enjoy. There might not always be a news peg but ultimately this blog is just for me to read.

I’m typing this while wearing PJs in my childhood room. This really wasn’t what I’d envisaged at 27 but I guess no one could have guessed the last 18 months with a global pandemic. The hope is that through writing regularly about things I like, my writing will improve and I’ll have more clarity on what my next steps are.

Anyway, welcome to my blog!

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